Ain't technology great? As most of you know, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  First, Vickie brought me a computer and set it up against my wishes.  Didn't want it.  Said I wouldn't use it.  Had no use for the internet.  Uh-huh!  And yall know what happened after that.  I'm here, ain't I?  Then came a cell phone.  Didn't want it.  Had no use for it.  Thought it was just another gadget for people for people who thought they were more important than they were.  But, my boss suggested it as a sleeping aid since the land line phone was waking me up while I tried to sleep during the day.  It serves its purpose.  A DVD player came next.  Had to get one.  It was getting hard to rent VHS movies.  Next was an MP3 player.  I got that just so I could get on a plane and not be a basket case because of my fear of flying.  Loaded it up with new age relaxation music and listened to it before the flight.  My latest technology is digital,,,cable, phone, and internet.  They made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I'm glad I did it.  I say all this because technology has slapped me in the face lately.  It started last night when the computer got a virus.  One that I've had before, both on the old computer and the newer that Vickie gave me a few months ago.  I can't thank her enough.  It's much faster than the old one and has a flat screen.  Well, when the virus hit last night, I called Microsoft like a good little boy to get help.  Talked to a nice woman and told her my old problem was back.  She took control of the computer to do her thing and about midnight she started a scan of the system.  At 12:30, it still had only scanned 6% and I asked her how much longer it would take.  Hours she said!  She said I could go to bed and leave the computer on to finish, then restart it this morning.  Said she'd call back about nine to see if everything was all right.  When I got up at seven, I restarted the computer and guess what?  Same problem!  I search for jobs on the computer so before fixing breakfast, I'm on the phone to Microsoft.  Spoke to a nice guy who was in a time zone where it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon when it was seven in the morning here in Texas.  I'll let you figure out where he was.  After a couple of hours, he had it fixed.  After breakfast, got on the computer for the job search.  The computer stays on all day now since a do periodic searches and check in here and a couple of other sites.  Well, we had a big thunderstorm come through here this afternoon.  Lights went out and blinked off and on,,,t.v. went off.  Tried the internet,,,nothing there.   Sooo, I sat here with only my cell phone for communication because the land line phone was out too.  You see, all three come through the same line!  Should have remembered that from my vacation.  Remember I tried to call Vickie when I got home and the phone was out?  Remember I had turned off all the electrical appliances?  Turn off power strip to the computer turn off the phone.  Ain't technology great?