Technical features of veneer peeling machine-

It is a compulsory subject in today's society to grasp as much as possible, no matter what you do, because across that line, there are many things that outweigh the qualitative changes in the scope of our considerations, leading to a series of chain reactions.
So for the production of veneer peeling machine enterprises, is not to grasp the same degree? The answer is no doubt yes, in the current market trading temptation too much, traps are too many, the emergence of a variety of business rhetoric, a variety of marketing methods to give customers a great impression of the enterprise impression, if done in place will play a good publicity effect, if done excessive then will undoubtedly backfire, So how to grasp the right degree for CNC card-free veneer peeling machine production Enterprises is very important!

plywood-sanding-machine-for-sale.jpgVeneer peeling machine plays a major role in the veneer peeling machine knife, veneer peeling machine knife is sharp directly affect the speed of the rotary cut and the thickness of the plate.
If veneer peeling machine knife wear not only reduced work efficiency, but also caused damage to the plate, so veneer peeling machine knife wear has been the plate manufacturers are more troubled things.
If we want to avoid veneer peeling machine knife wear, we must first look for the cause of its wear.
Below veneer peeling machine manufacturers for you to introduce veneer peeling machine knife wear reasons.

2) The yield strength of CNC veneer peeling machine tool material: The yield strength of tool material is also one of the reasons that affect wear, veneer peeling machine tool wear and veneer peeling The yield strength of machine tool material is inversely proportional.

AC80 vector inverter application in veneer peeling machine has the following major technical advantages and product characteristics:
With the increasing plaque of forest resources, the comprehensive and efficient utilization of wood resource has become an important subject in the face of woodworking equipment manufacturing industry and wood processing industry.
AC80 vector inverter application in veneer peeling machine has the following major technical advantages and product characteristics:
1, for the complex rotary cutting object, the start torque is large, to ensure that the motor at low speed heavy cutting has a strong cutting force and uniform output.
Ensure the smooth and high speed stop of the rotary cutting and start the work.

In the market competition there will be a variety of risks, all kinds of difficulties, but everything has two sides, like a double-edged sword, there is a risk of business opportunities, is the so-called rich and dangerous risk! Since it is a blessing, in the multiple temptation of the market, if grasp the bad degree, then that sword will hurt you, business opportunities will be away from you, let you caught off guard.
Even if it is really a business opportunity, then we can not blindly stay in it, in this complex society nothing is the same dust, this second is a business opportunity, the next second may be a crisis! To live with all kinds of temptations, grasp a degree is veneer peeling machine manufacturers should practice a compulsory course, to resist the temptation, you do not cross that line, so that the crisis facing enterprises is a corresponding reduction!

Product Features
1, the use of Rotary Encoder as a ranging sensor, the measurement accuracy can be increased to 0.01mm;
2, the use of Rotary encoder to measure the actual speed of the roll, can avoid due to the power grid voltage instability on the rotation thickness caused by the error;
3, a variety of sensor combinations to choose from, whether it is a single encoder or dual encoder and some areas of the electronic ruler can be stable operation, to the greatest extent to meet the requirements of new and old customers;
4, the use of high-grade LCD display, full Chinese display, bringing a wealth of man-machine interface, real-time display of working status;
5, a variety of working modes to achieve complete automation of the rotary cutting process and effectively ensure the operator's personal safety;
6, the built-in switching power supply makes the system work more stable, anti-jamming ability is stronger.

2, real-time dynamic high-speed operation, to ensure that the rotation thickness is always maintained in the set value, so that the wood skin in the normal rotation of the situation of uniformity error within the ±0.1mm.
In some mechanical equipment lubrication is good, the connection process is accurate, can reach the error ±0.05mm within.

Veneer peeling machine is mainly plate processing machinery, mainly used for a certain length and diameter of wood section processing into a continuous single strip, often used in the production of plywood, joinery board and other wood-based panels together.

The Daily maintenance of rotary chopper leather All-in-one is best carried out by a person, from one end understand the machine situation, easy to maintain veneer peeling machine, extend the service life.