Tech Wars

I think that keeping up with the latest trends can be hazardous to your health...or at least your stress level. I have had my laptop for about a year now. The antivirus protection that came with the laptop was about to expire. I went online to the company site that provides the antivirus software and perused through their products. I chose the one that offered the greatest level of protction and downloaded it.At first it seemed to work wonderfully. Then I began to have problems with Internet Explorer. It kept shutting down. So I called tech support and the lady was simply great. We went through the download, step by step, and reloaded the product. When we were finished, everything seemed to work just fine. I'm glad that I'm no longer protected from my computers software. This new antivirus worked too well. I also ordered a new laptop battery from amazon. My battery is only good for about an hour after a year's use. It was only good for a little over 2 hours when it was new. I decided to get a battery with higher capacity. The battery arrived and I charged it overnight and ,wouldn't you know it, it would not hold a charge. So it was back on the phone and they sent me a replacement. This one seems to work as advertised. Thank goodness. The extended capability to use the laptop is great.  I just wish that things worked right the first time. Oh well, all's well that ends well. Personally I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Nothing specific...just fatigued and feeling lead like. I thought that it wasn't affecting me outwardly but my wife Julie said she knew because I was crabby. (I prefer to think of it as discerning!) . Crabby? ..Me?..what next? Next thing you know she'll put me down for a nap. Actually, a nap sounds good. Hopefully I won't be so fussy when I wake up.Good night,Tom