Tap today.

Going in for a paracentesis today. Need to be wrung out like a wash cloth. Hopefully this will be one of my last ones since I think things are getting better...or it's my imagination being hopeful. It's been over 2 weeks since my last one and I'm not as uncomfortable as I normally am. But I've been told that I hide the fluid well. 

It's great to beable to write my feelings down here since I do not tell my family that I am going to have one. Unless they ask of course. 

My husband knows because he is the one who takes me. They tell me that I don't need a driver but I get so tired after these procedures. 

My husband is the best. He's been through this with me every step. Every terrible day, every terrible night...he's been my strength. I tell him I don't know how he does it. He says"through sickness and in health" referring to our wedding vows. He loves me unconditionally.