Taking Your Kids Outdoor Doesn’t Need To Be a Hassle


Even if you are the indoors type parent who prefers the comfort of home over getting in touch with nature outside, there must have been some time when you took a trip or visited some hill station and purely loved it. The chilling breeze and the fresh smell of soil or greenery alone is enough to rejuvenate a person being burdened down by the monotony of working life. And there is so much more to gain, the warm sunsets, dipping feet in stream waters, taking nap in a hammock or just making and eating a meal on a hilltop.

However in busy life routines, many parents can hardly imagine to take a family trip. If there are more than one or two kids in a family, it is all the more difficult to have everyone on board for a trip or activity outdoors which makes everyone happy without at least one person getting too tired, too bored or even sick. Furthermore, in modern day technology-dominated world, it seems a lot easier to spend all the free time watching TV or playing video games or at times reading. While the routine in life provides comfort and keeps the mind at ease, anyone who has experienced the pleasure of travelling longs for those moments of joy and free of mental tensions. If you can relate to all that has been said above then there is good news for you because in fact going outdoors is not as messy as it might seems.


Don’t Aim For Big Directly

It is usual to think about huge plans, going abroad, planning a full vacation extending for at least a fortnight and so on. The thing is that as big the plan is, the more extensive planning and preparation it will require and there will be as many factors that could finally come into play and plan will get cancelled altogether. Instead try starting small. Start with taking your kids to the nearest community part and let them explore the outdoor playground equipment while you enjoy the greenery and the smell of grass sitting in the shaded structures and watching over your little ones too.


Stay Excited

More often than not the reason why going outdoors feels so cumbersome is that we tend to forget the benefits and the joys of interacting with nature and our mind becomes filled with all the hassles we have to go through first to make that possible. However, if you stay excited and motivated to actually make a trip happen, it is only a matter of time before you will find yourself sitting in a minivan aiming to hit the hill station with the best scenery and weather.


Get the Outdoors Inside

Experiencing nature and getting acquainted with outdoors does not need to involve travelling and packing. If you miss the feeling of your bare feet on grass or the smell that rain leaves after it falls on the clean soil and shiny green leaves, an easy way can be to put your own backyard to use. Plant some flowers and grow your own garden. You can add flowers and fruits plants for added fragrance and scent as well as the pleasure of watching your own plantations grow and bear fruit. The idea is to just think of something that brings nature close to you and just do it!