Taking One Day At A Time

Almost 4 months since you are gone.  I miss you so much and so do the kids and grandkids.  Going watch Maddox perform today with his band camp knowing you would have loved to be there.  Kristy thought I needed a new me so she made me an appointment and told the lady what to do.  So I  got a haircut and color yesterday and a new wardrode.  Feeling 25 again in this old body.  LOL  The grass is finally growing since it has been raining thank God, how you loved your yard.  The girls at work are the best they make me laugh all the time.  And the guys at work are keeping an eye on me making sure I am ok.  Life is now different without you but I am so much stronger than anyone thought.  It has given me a new perspective on life.  Somethings are worth fighting for and other things it is just best to let it go.  Family has been fantastic they tell me what I need to hear but let me make my own decisions knowing that in the end I will make the right one.  The girls at work are trying to corrupt me and I am sure you are getting a kick out of it.  Reminds me of years ago when I worked with them and we would go ride at lunch and they would cut up.  How they used to be wild and now are settled down.  But it is all in good fun and no harm done.  Kristy is happy and has found someone that is a really great guy, you would approve.  Chad and Jessica remind me of us, so in Love and will do anything for each other, can't have enough alone time.  Well just needed to write to you John and say thanks for being the Love of My Life and being there for me for everything.  I can still feel you around me and I know that you are watching out for me and the kids.  Till we meet again, all my LOVE!  Dra'