Taking a Turn for the Best! :)

Just wanted to share some positive and optimistic thoughts. The past couple weeks have been very good. A few weeks prior to this, I felt like I was going to be stuck in this downward spiral of anxiety for the rest of my life, but that view is taking a drastic turn. I'm feeling happy and optimistic right now. I have really been working on positive thinking and being compassionate and caring towards myself. Rather then being angry and frustrated with myself for anxious thoughts and stressful feelings I have really been learning to just redirect the thoughts to something more positive. Positive thoughts have really made a huge difference in my life. I've been able to stay in the moment more and just focus on one thing at a time, this has been really beneficial in helping me to manage my feelings of stress and anxiety. I feel like I'm suddenly taking control of the thoughts and finally making a difference in improving my situation.
All of this positive thinking has made me realize that I really have a lot of things to look forward to in my life right now. In two months I will be accomplishing two goals. The first, when I started running I set a goal for myself that I would run a half-marathon before I graduate college; so, two days before I graduate I will be running my first half marathon. Obviously my second goal that I'll be reaching is to graduate college. I still have another year to go at the school I'm at to finish up getting my master's in teaching then I'll be heading off to another school, which is currently as much of a mystery to me as it is to you, to earn my master's in mental health counseling with the hopes of one day working with children and adolescents. I'm actually heading off to my first open house for grad school tonight! 
I also recently got a great job for the summer that I was really hoping for. I'm going to get to do three of the things I love all summer long. I'm going to get to spend my whole summer teaching kids, but not only that, I'll be teaching my favorite subject area, psychology. Teaching, kids, and psychology- I don't know a better way that I could be spending my summer. 
With all this in mind, life is just good right now. I feel like I could just keep going on and on right now about all of the great things going on in my life. Sure I have my occasional stressful moments, but they are becoming fewer and more manageable. All of the positive in my life right now is definitely more than enough to outweigh anything negative. Looking forward to the future and focusing on all of these exciting things I have ahead of me certainly makes for some positive, optimistic, and happy thinking.   
I hope some of this positive energy can make its way to anyone else who is in need of some optimism and happiness right now. Think Happy. Be Happy.



Bravo my dear....you are really starting to break that ol anxiety habit! Doesn\'t it feel good! I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I would love to go into grade schools to teach children about anxiety and depression. Simple lessons could save the next generation from having to learn how to overcome these conditions later in life. They would have tools to nip problems in the bud.
I have worked with several children and all of them are over their issues with anxiety. Kids are fast learners...they just get it! Wonderful of you to want to work with this population. Kudos to you!

Yes it does feel great. I\'m so glad that I\'m finally getting to this point, it makes me feel very happy :)