Take the Red Pill

It's a meat puppet game/they're playing/with my head/my brain/my feelings/but I must not surrender my soul/Horse pills/red pills/don't forget to take your pills/don't hurt yourself/Do you feel like hurting yourself?/Any side effects?Dizziness/nausea /inducing while ingesting/My hands shaking/I'm not eating/My clothes aren't fitting/ "I'm not trying to say you're fat but...you're definitely not skinny anymore"/eat more this/don't eat that/forget what I just said because things have changed/take more blood/blow more veins/Does it hurt?/This might hurt/Tell me if it hurts/Lost/Brave/ Strong but fading/candle wick burning low/it's almost dawn/where has sleep gone?/I think this may be a vicious nightmare/a torturous punishment for an old crime/but it is not/It's too real/Just too real



Take it easy hun, Just relax, eat what makes you feel good.(not junk food or chocolate sorry! a little don\'t hurt but try to eat foods that make you feel good mentally, physically and emotionally. Avoid foods high in fat sodium or excessive calories. Avoid foods that cause mood swings or fatigue... your body will teach you which foods do and don\'t. Avoid soda pop or limit to one a day and stay clear of too many processed foods or fast foods at least limit them and you should notice a difference in your overall health within a week or two. Drink tons of clean water, do things that make you smile. Cling to your closest friends. Visit whoever you need to get a big hug and plenty of support. My heart goes out to you hun. I know how frustration, scary and upsetting all this can be. Get plenty of rest keep your digestive system working on a daily basis, that helps you feel 100% better plus it helps loose weight if that what you need to do, only you know about the weight loss if you need to loose or not. Dr.\'s mean well but in reality you will always be your own best Dr. research for hrs a week if you have the time. Make up your own diet and your own exercise routine if you are able to have any exercise there again be your own best Dr. If too much excursive makes you sick then just exercise a little bit. I\'ve been there and most all of us here at DS have been or are even now going through similar issues. We try hard to care for each other and help all we can. If nothing else at least you know we care enough to listen and try to give some advice that may or may not be useful to you. Take care.

Gentle hugs and prayers


Hi, DJ!

You describe it all too well!

But it\'s not punishment for an old crime!

It\'s that living things aren\'t perfectly made robot-like machines.

Can you think of other \"imperfections\" that you DON\'T have?

True, you were dealt a less than perfect hand.
But, DJ, would you have your poetic talent if you were...\"perfect?\"

Peace and Blessings!