Take Two...

Okay....so while I've been thinking of journalling at least a few times in the last couple of weeks I haven't done any--bad me and breaking resolutions already. I AM going to journal more, but I think setting the goal of every day is unrealistic. Keeping manageable goals is good for me.  In other news, I've been seeing the guy I met for coffee for a couple of weeks. He's busy and I'm busy with school so we try to meet at least twice a weekend. So far so good, still very anxiety producing, and I certainly am not going to go full disclosure "Hi, I'm bipolar!" anytime soon, but I like him. Dating a guy is something I haven't done in a really long time, so that's a very new concept for me too. Plus he's super shy and has a history of bad relationships, so neither of us is perfect (who is?) but we're sort of muddling through together to see where this goes. It's...fun... School is going alright. I'm doing so much better than I was last semester at this point. It's not so overwhelming, though I have Dr. Q (Mr. You should reconsider whether it's ethical for you to be here...) again. I'm doing alright in his class. I'm a little behind for the coming week but I plan on catching up tomorrow.  His class is wholly online this time and that's where I was having trouble before. It's harder for me to participate in an online environment. I'm trying to keep on track, or ahead of the game though. I actually posted first of anyone last week! The "conversations" seem stilted to me, and it's hard to have levity when there are no facial expressions or tone to go with what's been posted. I felt really awful when someone asked about a plot point and I replied with a quote from the introduction and "Plot? What plot? It's modernism" The woman who asked the initial question responded with a curt "I read the intro too, that's not what I was asking about" I felt I insulted her, but I wasn't meaning to. I thought the quote and the plot/what plot thing were amusing.  What's been bothering me most though is the really heavy Christian influence on the class discussions. I'm all for faith and doing what makes you spiritually fulfilled. I'm not so keen on assuming everyone has the same beliefs so it's okay to run the discussion around only your beliefs.  All that aside my other classes are going well. My favourite is being taught by an absolutely brilliant woman. She doesn't do modern (ie: 20th-21st century) literature at all so we're reading older classical pieces that I've never been exposed to before. Euripides is fantastic! And I've never spent so much time working through such a range of Sappho's lyrics. They're truly fascinating. I'm having such a good time in this class. Big plus! My other class has been problematic, but that's because my memory and organisational skills aren't quite up to par. I keep forgetting the day of class, so I show up the day before, or the day after. I've finally put everything on a calendar so there'll be no more forgetting. The professor was understanding about the class I missed, and otherwise I didn't hurt anything but my wallet with the price of gas being as it is. The extra trips up to campus were a waste in that regard, but I spent some time plotting in the library so not a complete loss of time. I was looking forward to a social outing tomorrow night but I think it's better for me to stay in, even though I'm disappointed and I know my date will be too. I can't fall behind though, I'll panic and that'll be the slide into danger.  On the point of danger...I'm not in so much trouble as I was before. I'm doing much better. I'm being consistent with my meds and it's making a difference. I have an appt with a p-doc soon so any adjustments can be made then. I met with the new t-doc and he was AWFUL!!! I'm so dissapointed. So now I'm shopping therapists again. I really wish my old therapist hadn't moved away.  And now for a random bit of daily summary: My sister fell and broke her foot today, that was bad. I had to go collect her from work and take her to hospital. The wait was long (as usual), the staff barely civil (no surprise there), and by the time we were finished, equipped with crutches and discharge papers I was emotionally wrecked. I think it's more that I'm tired from all the driving this week, but still...  The overly emotional part might have something to do with the disaster that was my hair appointment this morning. I really was hoping for spectacular (in light of tomorrow's outing) and got worse than mediocre. I'm feeling a bit down and very unattractive to be honest and while I do need to get caught up for school, my desire to stay home tomorrow likely has more to do with how I'm feeling about my looks.   However, even with disappointments and anxiety and what-have-you, the week has been a good and productive one. I'm doing okay. I've had the pleasure of buying lots of new books (mostly for school, but I did splurge a little for my personal reading) and meeting new, fun people. I'm okay. And I'm pretty pleased about being okay.  



did you ever hear the story of \"who really kicked the cat?\" I\'m gonna tell you anyway.
One day the boss went out to lunch. before he left he was in a pretty good mood. this was always good for his secretary. he was a little more kind when this happened. He came back from lunch in a fowl mood.. He then turned on his secretary. He was quite critical of her work no matter what she did.

she then called her husband up on the phone and told him off. not that he had done anything wrong. but she was in a foul mood and needed someone to blow up at.

the man went home and spanked his son for some small thing he had done because he needed someone to blow up at also. the boy had really done nothing wrong, the father just was frustrated!

the boy then walked into the family room where the cat was lying on a rug all comfy, cozy. She was just lying there when the little boy came along and kicked the cat a couple of feet across the room.

So, who really kicked the cat????