Although we know T-Man is back at it - it's been almost hard to believe.  He's been responsive, conversational, and even has been going to work (part-time) - springing out of bed.
 The job was created by my husband and his friend who is an architect.  The friend has not only given my son some odd jobs to do around the office but actually has given him some design projects to draw.  Our friend told my husband that he is amazed how good and creative these drawings are especially since our son hasn't had any training.  In fact, he said he's showed it to others and there is talk to using some of his work.  Our son needs some pumping up and to something to feel good about.
Well - now with some change in his pocket - I know it's also given him the opportunity to feel artificially good by engaging in drug usage.  I saw on his Facebook that he joined another group - 4:20.  Not surprised by that.  I know he's drinking (saw photos) and using pot and that might be it - which is why on the surface it's hard to tell right now.  
My husband and I are scheduled to meet with a counselor we see once a month early Monday morning but my hubby just told me he can't make it.  I wanted to cancel but it's too late - not enough notice - but T didn't come home last night (haven't seen that in a long time) and now maybe I can think of some things to say to this counselor.



Fantastic news about the job!!! Maybe the 1:1 with the counselor is \"just in time\" and gives you a place to have an \"earnest\" listener. Take Care!!!