Swimming with the Current

It's gotten easier. I don't know if it's because I've changed who I spend time with, or I've really gained controll of how much I drink. None the less, it's easier to stay sober. This past weekend, I was sober all weekend. Same as the one before. I've only been a little tipsy once since I began my goal. So that makes me happy. I hope my therapist will see that I've gained control of this.She believes that I should stop drinking all together. I can see her point. I've had a few episodes where I could have been in serious danger because of the amount of alcohol I had. Fortunately, I haven't experience anything too horrific. I know alcohol played a big role in a lot of the fights with my ex. And I know it's why I've been rude to a lot of people.But I believe 1) that it's not all or nothing. I can choose how much i drink and when to stop, and 2) that my core beliefs are what causes me to act like a jerk when I drink too much, not the alcohol itself. So if I can lift my self esteem, I won't feel like binge drinking and won't get defensive with just anyone.