sweet joyful Nature, cool times, and spring nature sights blossoming :)

Happy Thursday!!! :) Spring is sprouting, and beginning to blossom! :) We're enjoying a nice relaxing ,and peaceful day :) it's a day of nature, writings, and looking forward to lots of wonderful Easter festivities :) We're gearing up, for our annual EGGScellent Easter themed baking friday adventure! :) We're going to be baking some Easter treats :) We're going shopping on saturday, and Easter holiday on sunday :) we're very happy and excited to celebrate with everyone :) it's such a wonderfully wholesome, and beautiful time of the year :) hot tea cheers! on this awesome day! :) the birds are singing happily, and our daffodils are blossoming :) Lots of beautiful nature sights all around :) i'm looking forward to some nice yard and garden work, getting our gardens ready for some awesome gardening this spring season :) There's lots of hard work to do, but will be so very nice, and a beautiful garden, is a work of heart :) Holly and i had a classic ghost hunters party last night, it was so much fun! : )We're gonna watch some shows on youtube tonight :) my mom and Lisa went out to shop for Easter today :) We're planning a nice Easter ham dinner on sunday :) it's gonna be so nice, and a special joy, celebrating Easter with everyone :) We look forward to all of the festivities, and traditions :) It's a wonderful day, and so much more to look forward too :) Tomorrow's baking friday! :) Calling all cookie monsters! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)

Hi angel friends! :) happy spring time smiles :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a wonderful day :) The spring season is beginning to settle in nicely, and that nice warmth in the air, is a wonderful sign that spring is arriving :) the birds have been singing early, and singing very happily :) We're so thrilled, to see the robins returning, and also all of the signs of spring beginning to sprout :) our lilac bushes, are growing new growths, and our fruit trees are too :) We're so excited, for all of these special joys, as we celebrate the rest of the month of march, and looking forward to blossoming into the month of April :) We're enjoying hearig about your's and your family's plans for Easter holiday weekend coming up :) Friends celebrating Passover, and Easter weekend :) it's a wonderful time of the year, for lots of special traditions, festivities, and all of the joys, as spring season blossoms :) We have lots planned, including our annual, EGGScellent Easter themed baking friday adventure tomorrow :) it's gonna be so much fun, baking up some easter treats :) We're gonna be hoppity hop hopping into the kitchen, for some great baking friday fun! :)

The Joys of Spring Time! :) It's wonderful seeing all of the signs of blossoming spring :) it's been getting up into the 50's here, which is very nice and warmer, than in recent weeks. i love putting my fan in my window, and nice fresh air flowing into my computer room :) it's awesome :) i did some writing yesterday evening, i've began to write very special thank you cards :) i'm going to continue to write, as the week goes on, and next wednesday, i want to mail all of the thank you cards together :) it's going to be very special to my heart :) writing special thanks, for my birthday cards, gifts, and treasures :) Lisa has the day off from work today : )She and my mom went Easter shopping today :) They picked up some nice iced cold drinks from dunkin donuts on the way home :) it's so nice, and sweet of them :)

We're gearing up for a special Easter sunday :) it's gonna be so nice, preparing a ham dinner, with vegetables, easter bread, and desserts :) We love Easter sunday, and the special quality time with family and friends :) We mailed a package to Holly, she'll be recieving it tomorrow :) she's gonna open the package tomorrow evening, during our party night :) it's gonna be great! :) my mom cooked a nice pasta with meatballs, and garlic bread dinner :) it's delicious! :) Last night, Holly and i watched 2 classic episodes of ghost hunters, from season 1 and 2 :) We love our dvd sets :) i've been browsing online, amazon, and ebay :) today, i treated myself with some of my amazon gift card dollars, to 25 plastic sheets, that are trading cards holders :) i'm so happy and excited! :) with the 25 sheets, i'm going to put my TWD evolution trading cards and also my dawn of the dead trading cards set, into the plastic sheets when they arrive in the mail :) it's gonna be so nice :) i'm buying another 3 ring binder at the dollar tree on saturday :) i may buy some more twd trading cards soon :) i've been checking ebay and amazon, for some sales/deals :) the cards are so much fun to collect :) they have 2 new sets coming out soon, for twd cards, including season 8 topps cards in July :) Holly and i almost have all of the sets, for season 6, 7, and evolution :) We'll definitely be getting some season 8 boxes when they come out :)

We're enjoying a nice relaxing, and peaceful day :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) it's so nice, hearing lots of birds singing, and seeing lots of wonderful sights, all around, as spring blossoms more and more :) it's such a wonderful, and very special time of the year :) We're so happy, and excited, for all of the great festivities, and traditions :) We're gearing up, for a wonderful Easter weekend :) We're going to bake Easter goodies tomorrow :) We love Easter time baking, and cooking :) it's gonna be EGGScellent! :) We also looking forward to the weekend, shopping on saturday, and sunday Easter holiday :) Tonight, Holly and i are going to watch some shows on youtube, "tales from the crypt" and new episode of ghost adventures :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM HAPPY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more wonderful times to look forward too, with family, friends, nature, and the awesome spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a great day, enjoying nature, writing, and gearing up for lots of awesome Easter time traditions :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a nice day" :) She says, "have a good evening" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a wonderful day :) We think of you all often :) Thank you all, for brightening our days, and warming our hearts :) Your wonderful kindness, sweet caring, and special friendships, are a wonderfully special joy to our hearts :)

Happy spring nature smiles :) hi angel friends, i enjoyed 3 nature walks today :) it's been most likely cloudy, and light rain this afternoon. it's in the 50's here :) i'm so happy and excited to see and hear the happy birds, and seeing all of the spring nature sights :) i took some new pictures today to share :)





daffodils :)


tulips plants :)


3 of our fruit trees :) 







our sunrise sky this morning :)




Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day. Looking forward to a fun baking Friday and a nice Easter weekend too. It so nice to have warmer Spring sunshine and to see your wonderful nature bird and sunrise photos. Love to see your beautiful daffodils and tulips sprouts.. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good evening. Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Lovely daffodils. if you look at the photos I posted of mine they are a different variety. I liked the two tone, with the yellow in the middle and white on the petals