surprises can happen

  yesterday finally ended good with my daughter (that i set up). i had to mislead her to help her talk to her husband that she hasn't been with in about 3 years. i don't know why you would want to live apart that long and not want to talk about getting a divorce. she is even wearing another guys engagement ring and to top it off she is pregnant and it isn't his child. this is two children that she has had with two other least she got over it fast and has even said that she will pay my taxes still. i had a good talk with her guy while she was talking to her husband about getting divorced. she took me out to dinner which really surprises me too. it really makes me wonder what is up. not time to second guess her. i also spent the day with my brother from nevada and went to a movie with him and my younger sister. we had a lot of fun and it is the first time we have ever done anything together. i better go for now, thinking of all of you.....jaime