Surgery Scheduled

Dennis and I got the call , He surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday. We orginally were told it would be at the end of the month. I guess there was a cancellation some poor patient got the flu ( oh man ) . Its a bit frightening the unknown. I have read many journals and visited sites to see this RCC is a beast ! I have also read some success story's.Well, we have Dennis Dad flying up from Oklahoma , My best friend from seattle will be here the weekend after Dennis surgery and ....I guess Dennis has to do a liquid diet and flatten his colon or intenstines prior to surgery ( sounded routine ) .Today is Thursday and Wednesday at 1:00 will be here before we know it



This is great news! All will be okay, Hon.

Love, Ingrid

Hello Gail,
I will pray that Dennis will have a safe and successful surgery.
I am glad that you will be surrounded by people who loves you duing that time.
Take good care of yourself and Dennis