I had the stupid meeting today, and it was everything I already knew, but also made changes on.  I feel like he made it bigger than what it was big time, and that he refused to listen to me by not believing me that I have made those changes.  Some of the stuff I have little to no control over, especially when it comes to co-workers.  All of it was from the emails, which are not even professional anyways.  He lied to me on many occasions and was not consistent too.  From the very beginning, I knew he was not trustworthy because of his position and having his MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.  In fact, I think what started all of this was the fact I changed masters programs, but he also feels threatened/intimidated by me because I have more schooling than him.  He mentioned on the insubordination communication, which is a crock, that it was verbally and written.  Not true at all.  How come my other coworkers can get away with it, but I can't?  They question him right away, and he responds, but with me it is like I can't because it is only for clarification anyways.  Now that I think of it with his conduct towards me, of course was cold, but he spoke fast, so that means his anxiety was up.  He knew he was crossing my boundaries to do this because he knew he was in the wrong, and that includes the quietness that occured when I told him that I did make those changes.  I decided that I basically have to be quiet or speak very little, and no more e-mails because now I have to send a carbon copy to the director.  I can tell already that he doesn't want to send me an e-mail because it could incriminate him too.  I am very upset.  Do you all have any advice in dealing with supervisors?  I am a terrible mess.