Sunny Day

Hey AllWell its Monday and I work with the family this morning to clean up the old kitchen and get ready for a new refrigerator. Ralph went to town and got a stainless steel,freezer on bottom with ice maker in the door. Now if they will get here. The guy said he knew close to where we live. Now its taking them forever to get here. I feel so so today. Watch a program this morning a pastor that I watch and he is very interesting and we did passover today. Alex is still being a pain and he's going to get slap soon. He starts it all and he's bugging me today. I'm tired of his shit.Playing around every once in a while is fine but he's doing it when he's not on the computer or watching tv. He thought Ralph kill him because he had to help today and I told him I felt sorry for him if he felt the work killed him. He got made at Ralph because he went to the trash cans and they were bumble bees there scare him to death and he was crying. 13 years old, he needs to grow up. Rhonda petted him and Ralph wont do it and he still complains with the bees because he's allergic. I said yea a bee has your name and going to sting you for the heck of it. He said no and I said ok enough do your job.Its going to be a long day. lol Oh well smiles to everyone got to do some work for school have school chat tonight and I have to get ready for aftercare tomorrow night. It family night and moms going so I dont have to worry about transportation and she is going to take me Friday to the doctor.According to the radiologist I may have cancer but then she doesn't know my history. This doc i'm going to knows my history because he did the surgery in 2003. So I guess its going to be a long week. School should be fun and the workers are here today almost got the siding on. Then we need paint and a dining room without cabinets.Doctors office call and wanted to order a ct scan of my pancreas but I told her I was going to the doctor on Friday who knew about my case and gave her a phone number to call him to sends test. Even though I already have them. hehe I didn't tell her that he will maybe get the results earlier.So I get a refrigerator and Joey put up my hummingbird feeder since its such a nice day. Hope everyone has a pain free day and love ya all. LoveRobin