Sunflower Gardening! :) Spirited Spring gardening! :) i've got Gardening Fever! :)

I'VE GOT GARDENING FEVER!!! AND I LOVE IT!!! :) hehe! :) Happy sunny monday!!! and SUNFLOWER SMILES, and GREETINGS, from DEEP within the heart of our gardens!!! :) oh my! :) Sunflower planting! :) Cucumber planting! and Garden tending!!! :) i am so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) That sunshine calls me every spring, and it's like a magnet! :) hehe! :) i am smiling and smiling, and so very happy and excited to share with everyone :) i blossomed into the gardens today, for a sweet 2nd day in a row! :) Today, i was tending the gardens, finding those sunny sunshine spots, to plant some happy smiling sunflower seeds! :) oh my! :) i am planting sunflowers ALL AROUND!!! :) This is awesome!!! :) i found some new spots, to plant a few sunflower seeds! :) i also planted nasturium dwarf jewel flowers, and some more cucumbers! :) i got 2 of our cucumber growing areas ready too, and planted rows of cucumber seeds alongside the garden fences :) We love when the cucumber plants, sprout, and begin to grow amongst the garden fence :) They always grow like the string beans, and soon lots and lots of cucumbers grow :) i've been using some nice new top soil, and rich organic soil :) i'm so happy, and excited! :) We have lots of birds, and squirrels visiting our yard today too, and hummingbirds have been enjoying the nectar food! :) i'm gonna make some more nectar food soon! :) i think i'll make more tomorrow, as it's gonna be sweet treats tuesday, and we'll have a nice sweet treat of nectar for the hummingbirds :) i've been thinking of you all while i've been gardening :) i've got lots to share, including new gardening pictures :) our gardens are coming along really well :) my dad and i love to walk around our yard, and gardens, enjoying seeing all of the plants, checking in on the sprouts in the greenhouse, and enjoying this beautiful weather :) i'm gonna do more gardening, as the week goes on :) it feels great, and amazing ,to be in the SUNNY GARDENING ZONE! :) Tomorrow's sweet treats tuesday! :) we're gonna celebrate this beautiful blossoming of the season, by getting some nice treats :) Sunny Sunflower smiles, on this awesome monday! :)
SUNFLOWER GARDENING IN THE SUN! :) Hi angel friends! :) We hope everyone is enjoying a great day, and a wonderful start to the new week :) it's Sunflower planting time in our yard, and gardens :) it's countdown to memorial day holiday weekend :) i got dirt on my gardening jeans, sweet sunshine in my spirit, and gardening joy in my heart! :) i've got gardening fever!!! and i love it!!! :) hehe! :) i blossomed into some more gardening today! :) it's a beautifully sunny, breezy day :) that spring sun, always is so inviting :) i feel like a solar powered light today, andi'm spirit dancing all around our yard, and gardens, with the sunny sunflower spirit i love so very much! :) This is awesome!!! and i just have to share with you all! :)
This morning, i gathered up my gardening supplies bag, it's a nice bag i love to carry with me, it's got my garden supplies, seeds, and extra garden digger :) i'm so happy i got 2 new diggers recently, as i'm always so very deeply into the gardening, that i sometimes leave one of my diggers out and around, and end up wondering where i put it, so having a 2nd one, is awesome, to be able to just grab to use, in the garden :) so far this season though, i haven't miss-placed my garden tools, so i'm doing really well! :) hehe :) These golden spring days, with the temperatures getting up into the 70's now, with lots of sunshine, are perfect, for working up that soil, getting it nice and ready, for the planting :) i truly believe, there is such a thing as GARDEN FEVER. :) last evening, and last night, i was thinking about the garden day my dad, Mikey, and i had, and how i couldn't wait to do some more gardening today :) During spring time, i love to load up my journals, with all of our gardening/nature experiences, adventures, and lots and lots of pictures to share :)
i blossomed out into our gardens, around 9:30am this morning :) i knew exactly where i was going, right out to check in on our sprouts in the garden greenhouse :) i was checking out the sprouts, they are doing so well! :) my dad and i are gonna begin to transplant some of the cucumber plants into our gardens, along with sunflowers :) it's gonna be sweet!!! :) my dad and i always look forward too, and get so excited for, our big gardening weekend each year :) i put on my garden gloves this morning, and began to do some nice weeding in the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith :) We have a little fenced in area of the garden, where we began to grow cucumbers last season, they did really well :) it's a nice circle of fence, where we load tha that garden area up with cucumber plant,s the vines of the plants love to grow, amongst the fence, and before we know it, we begin to see lots of cucumbers growing :) i weeded this area really well, and thought about how it would be cool, to plant a row of cucumber seeds, alongside the fence area, to see if we can get some extra cucumber plants to sprout up :) i was digging in the soil, working the soil really nice, and then planted the cucumber seeds :) i was so happy to do this planting :)
i headed over to the SPIRIT LIGHT garden, that is way across our yard, over by our peach tree, and bird sanctuary in our yard :) there's some wonderful sunshine upon this garden area :) i brought with me to the garden, sunflower seeds, and nasturium dwarf jewel flowers seeds :) those seeds are pretty big! :) i worked the soil really well, with my garden digger :) i really love my new gardne diggers :) i get lots of use, from our garden tools each year :) i planted sunflower seeds, and the nasturium flowers seeds, in the garden :) i plant on planting lots more seeds in that garden too :) i was soaking up that wonderful sunshine, while gardening, and also the very nice, refreshing cool breeze :) i spotted Mr. Nut Squirrel, and some birds in the bird sanctuary :) i put a handful of peanuts over there :) i got a bag of peanuts in my garden supplies bag, so that i can easily put some peanuts here, and there, every once in a while, while i'm outside gardening :) The bluejays spot me out there, they go wild singing, and calling eachother, so i love to be able to toss some peanuts over there, for them to enjoy :)
SUNFLOWER PLANTING! :) we have our strawberry patch garden, near our walkway that leads into our backyard :) lots and lots of strawberry plants blossoming, we also have some nice extra space in this garden :) i remembe rin 2009, 2010, we grew some moon sunflowers and other varieties, including a tall mammoth sunflower there too :) i noticed, lots of these vine plants, growing in the garden, so what i did was, i weeded those vine plants out, it made for lots and lots of nice space :) i walked over to get 2 sunflower seeds packets, and some organic soil :) i planted sunflower seeds in the garden, to mix and mingle, grow amongst that wonderful sunny sunshine :) This garden, gets lots of sun during the day :) i am so happy i planted some sunflowers there :) i took a little break, while walking around our yard, and garden, i got the water hose, and watered the areas of our gardens, where i was planting, i also watered our 5 new tomato plants my dad and i planted yesterday :)
It feels great, to be tending the plants, seeing the soil soaking up the water nourishment :) it's Gardening happiness :) after i did some watering, i then got a garden idea! :) I LOVE GARDEN IDEAS that sprout into my thoughts, while gardening :) i thought it would be pretty cool, to plant some extra cucumber seeds, alongside the fence, that goes around my mom's peace flower garden :) in one of the corners of the garden, we love to plant potatoes each year, we gonna buy some potato spuds soon :) i decided to plant a row of cucumber seeds next to the fence, to see if any will grow there :) Wildcard gardening! :) Experiment gardening! :) it's awesome! :) it's fun, and really enjoyable, rewarding, and if something grows, is EXTRA REWARDING and SUPER COOL! :) i was having so much fun gardening! :)
i got this HUGE planter we had, i filled it halfway with top soil, and then mixed in, organic soil :) we get lots of use, from organic soil, during the gardening season :) We love how the soil helps to nourish the plants :) my dad and i often mix top soil and organic soil together :) That's what we did that season, where we grew lots of corn plants in planters, and they did really amazing :) in the huge planter today, i planted some gords seeds i recieved :) i thought it would be neat, to try to grow some garden gords, that may grow, and become a part of our special fall season decorative displays :) plus, i think the gords may be edible too, i want to look up, if they are like squash, where we could cook the gords, and bake the seeds for snacking :) i put that huge planter, in front of my favorite gardening area, where it will soak up lots of sun, but will also have lots of room to grow :) The planter is like a foot deep too, there's lots of soil :) i can't wait to see if the plants grow there :)
Today, i also planted a few mammoth sunflower seeds, on one side of my mom's peace flower garden, where our tulips grew and blossomed :) it would be so neat, to see sunflowers grow there again :) i got the water hose, gave the gardened areas a nice watering :) beautiful sunshine, it's truly a gardener's delight! :) This type of water, is so nice, to garden in :) i took my allergy tablet this morning too, and it felt so nice, to be gardening, and tending the plants, without my allergies affecting me :) this is so exciting, all of the planting :) This is great, because now, we get the wonderful excitement of seeing, each day, what's sprouting up, growing, and we have so much more to plant soon :) i'm gonna be digging into our front yard garden, near our bird feeders too, to plant some nice sunflowers, nasturiums, and other flowers too, that will be able to grow, and shine beautifully :) i had a wonderful time blossoming into the gardens, i am so happy i gardened, and really soaking up this amazing spirit of the season :) it's so nice, enjoyable, and i love to share all about it here in my journal :) i took some cool new pictures today, while i was out in our yard, and gardens :) Happy Golden Sunny Sunflower smiles, and special greetings, from our gardens :)
We're enjoying an awesome day! :) NATURE! :) GARDEN SPIRIT! :) earlier while i was talking around our yard, and gardens, i noticed a tiny little sunflower, that had sprouted under our apple tree :) i love finding surprise sunflower sprouts! :) These sunflowers are often planted by the birds, as the birds sometimes drop sunflower seeds, and those seeds seep into the soil, and sprout up :) i transplanted the sunflower sprout into our garden, in a nice sunny area :) the sunflower is very happy, and smiling at the sun :) i've been walking all around our yard, and gardens :) Enjoying a really nice nature/gardening day :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed a fresh crisp salad, a baked sweet potato, and i also had some celery sticks with peanut butter :) lunch was delicious! :) i've been enjoying iced water, and powerade drink today too :) it was awesome, gardening today, and i may do some more gardening tomorrow too : )
Tomorrow's sweet treats tuesday! :) my mom, Lisa, and i are looking forward to going to mcdonalds to get some treats :) i've completed 2 new letters, and also am putting together 2 treasures packages to mail on super wednesday :) it's a really nice start to the week, with lots of nature/gardening energy : )my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirit s:) Earlier today, my mom and dad went out to shop :) if the weather is nice tomorrow, i'd love to plant some flowers seeds in our front yard garden. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderful friends, and bring lots of great joy, happiness, peace, and excitement to our days, and our lives :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP SUNNY SUNFLOWER HUGS :) Tonight, i'm going to enjoy a healthy snack, and watching tv :) There's many more great things to look forward too :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, i did some sunflower gardening today, on this beautifully sunny day :) i'm gonna see if i can get a sunflower to grow 13 feet tall this summer :) Sunny smiles :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is enjoying a really good day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) Thank you all for your beautiful comments :) we're so happy, and delighted you enjoy my journals, and our gardens, and nature/garden pictures : )that warms our hearts, and makes us smile :) 
SUNFLOWER GARDENING!!! :) SUNNY GREETINGS, from our gardens, on this sweet classic, and golden sunny spring day! :) i had a big gardening morning, tending the plants, doing some planting :) This is an amazing time in the season :) i'm so very happy, excited, and thrilled, to see how well the plants, trees, and bushes are doing :) my dad and i have been enjoying getting our yard, and gardens ready, for the season :) in this first picture, you can see some of our new fencing off into the distance, where my dad is installing new fencing :) we're completing Renewing our Organic gardening area, moving one of the box gardens, closer to our raspberry truellis, so we'll have side by side box gardens there :) i'm so very happy and thrilled! :) We're in gardening season heaven! :) This is what it's all about! :) doing something you love, a great passion for, sharing it, celebrating it, feeling it in my heart :) Gardening :)

Planting! and Planting! :) oh my! :) i was going planting wild, all around our yard, and gardens! :) in this garden, i did some weeding, and i also planted some nice sunflower seeds :) this garden where our strawberry plants are, soaks up lots of sunshine :)

Cucumber garden area :) we have this nice circled in fence area, in the sunflower field of hope and  unfailing faith, to plant cucumbers plants :) in this garden today, i planted a row of cucumber seeds alongside the fence, we love when the cucumber plants grow amongst the fence :)

Meet Sunny! :) awww! :) Sunny the sunflower! :) this little sunflower i found today, growing outside of the garden, under one of our apple trees :) i think one of the birds planted this sunflower :) sometimes the birds drop seeds, that seep into the soil, and grow :) i transplated the sunflower into our garden :) it's new garden home :) i named this sunflower, Sunny the Sunflower! :) the sunflower now has, lots and lots of sun! :) Grow Sunny! Grow! :) someday this summer, i'll share my COOL iced coffee with you! :) 

In this planter, i planted some nice gord seeds :) i want to see how well they do in this planter, where there's lots of nice room to grow, near my favorite gardening area :) 

i cleaned this garden area today :) we're gonna plant cucumbers in this fenced in garden area too :) 

Sunflower planting! :) i love it!!! :) 

Raspberry blossoms growing :) We have tons of nice raspberry bushes in our yard, they are awesome, and produce lots of raspberries each season :) 

Grapes! :) the grapes have began to grow more and more :) it's so neat, to see how tiny the grapes are right now :) 

Clover plants! :) we have some clover plants, growing in our garden :) they blossom during  summer season :) pink flowers :)

Sunflowers, growing in the garden :) soaking up that wonderful spring sunshine! :) Sunny smiles :) 

Blueberry blossoms :) We have 3 blueberry bushes near our peach tree :) 

Pears, growing and growing :) 

We have new cucumber sprouts in our garden greenhouse :) 

Pumpkin sprouts :) we'll be transplanting the plants into our gardens very soon :) 

Hello sunflower sprout! :) Grow and Grow! :) 

we have a flower bush, out by the nature forest area of our yard :) the bush has began to grow blossoms :) 

Some more views of our yard, and gardens :) love to see all of the green colors :) 

Azalea bush flowers :) Smiling and shining! :)Glowing in the spring sun :) 



Hi Chris Glad you and your family had a good day.Great to hear how much you\'re enjoying your garden. It\'s really looking awesome.You\'re doing such a nice job cleaning and planting. I think the fruit and the pumpkin sprouts and the sunflowers too are my most favorite in the garden. It will be fun to watch the gords grow.Don\'t believe you can eat them.They are just for harvest decorating. Thanks for all my nice hugs today, Have a good evening. hugs to all-Stephanie

Hello Chris..............Your day of Gardening sounded nice. A great way to spend a day. Really like hearing about your plants and gardening plans. My flowers are all doing great and I am letting my Butterfly Bush grow wild and tall this season. I usually top it and keep it bushy. Wishing you and your family a peaceful evening and a good nights rest. Your lunch sounded so good! Sweet potato\'s are so good for you. Love/Blessings/Greenies

Burgundy sunflowers!!! Can\'t wait to see them blossoming, and for the sunflower race of 2014 :)) hehe :). I\'m loving seeing the new sprouts of 2014 gardening season!
Thank you for sharing the plants journeys with us, it makes me smile :)
Hugs xx

sunflowers and pumpkins are among my favorites! your gardens are beautiful.