Sunday is back

Well football is back on today and my Detroit Lions won their first game of the season. I was very happy about that because everyone is really excited about the Lions this year and they did not let us down today.
I went to a night club last night to meet up with some people from my work. They did show up this time, but I still didn't really have a good time. Once again people kept asking me to dance and I just did not want to. I am just not a dancer. I just came out so that I could hang out with some people from my work and get to know them better. Not to grind bodies with them for hours.
I am starting to work on my resume more. I have changed it up a bit by adding some pictures to the background and condensing it. I now need to go through and start collecting samples of my code projects. Once I do that I will be able to get back to working on my website.
I am really starting to save money now. I am on the cusp of reaching my goal of having enough to move out. I am only about 800 dollars away or so. I know I will be ready by mid October just like I thought. I know it will be tought, but it has to be done.



yeah dancing can be annoyin... lol, keep goin!