brain is swimming.

Well, I am officially starting the summer. I went to the doctors and I have gained 2 punds by their scale.  I know it is 10 by my scale.  So I have been given a few things to work on for the next three months.  I need to increase protein to 100-120 grams a day.  40-60 in protein supplements and the rest in low fat meats.   Sounds easy.  Hopefully it will be easier now that the whirl wind of graduating, promoting, and parties are over. 
I  am going to try and exercise everyday at the gym and swim at home.  I want to get back on the walking.  MY vitamin D is low and Iron.   Probably why I amfeeling crappy not to mention the unneeded stress of unpleasantness in the home.  Thank goodness that Jim knows how I feel.
My biggest fear is gaining all this weight back, especially when I just want to eat my sadness away.  Gosh, I feel like crying.  We have worked so hard and we are one" if  " away from losing everything.   I pray that God will answer me with a teaching contract this year.   My credential is getting close to expiring and there are still no prospectives out there.  Lord please help me, I love teaching and being with children.  I have found this passion and I want to do the best job ever.



I prayed for you today, that God would give you the desire of your heart - to teach. I also prayed that you would do well in getting back to better health.