Summer... what now?

So this is my first journal entry....The school year is done, in a way I'm glad but I'm going to miss everyone at school now i have no homework or anything to distract me. I want to be more hmm productive next year I plan to join the ICE reps at school (so i can do some community hours and meet new people) I'm also going back to jazz cause I really miss dancing and joing the batminton team to do some excercise. I talk to my friends from school but not all that much. I really miss being in costa rica but I know that isn't really an option and I miss my friends a lot. They dont know what i'm going through cause I haven't told them. I feel that they have certain expectations that i can just meet people easily and go partying every weekend just like before, but its not like that anymore they are really social people and stuff. So I lie (not so much now) telling them everything is fine and just focusing on the good things. I do go out at least twice a month to the movies or something with friends Now my ex-bf wants to come and visit me omg! i dont know what he expects too meet 100 friends and go to parties everyday? are we going to act just as friends, cause when we talk he says he loves me. I always feel people are expecting things from me even if they dont tell me. Whenever i talk to my old friends they expect that I go out a lot, that I have tuns of friends. Now i just avoid the questions and try not to lie.But this summer i have nothing to do, except the last two weeks. This really doesnt help my situation I tried going to summer camp but its too late for registration, voluteering I can only do it in the library right now, and my closest friends here are going away.