Summer time

Summer is finally here and the weather is just perfect. The sun comes out and the breeze picks up and the temps. stay around 70-80 degrees. Some great days for sure. The weekends are filled with car shows and cruiz-ins and people and trips with the parents. Man, life is good.!.!...Oh and the girls look great in shorts and Ts !
I haven't got my V.L. checked yet and don't know if I will any time soon. You see my parents are getting older and it is starting to show on them (77 & 79) now. So my thinking is that I will just spend as much time with them making good memories and making up for a miss-spent youth as I can. Their support was crucial for me through tx but it put such a psychological strain on them that I wouldn't want them to go through that again. I figure if it comes back I can wait a few years and try the new stuff. Life is too short to miss the good times while they are there.
I definitely need to start working on my weight/waist loss now. I'm diabetic, type two, and have high blood pressure. I'm told that if I lose the weight, about 100 lbs or more (that would put me at 150-165 at 5'5'') that the diabetes would go away as well as the high blood pressure. I take pills to control both but it would be nice not to have to. 
Tomorrow is a cruze out to the wine country with the parents and their corvette and me and my M.B. to a winery that is hosting a car "show and shine",wine tasting (wont be having any wine though) and B.B.Q.  should be a good trip. The only thing better would be being able to drink but I can (and will) live without it. Got the top off the car, all shined up, and waiting in the driveway for the raundevu  tomorrow. Not bad for a guy who sells auto parts for a living .!