Summer Fox

Summer is coming fast and there are changes happening around our house.  The biggest change has been my schedule as it is pretty much set, 11:30AM-8:15PM, Monday-Friday.  The temperatures are climbing and I have realized that another change was needed. It concerns Foxy and the heat.  For the last several years my sleep schedule has been daytime.  Now, my schedule is nighttime.  Sure the time is different, but so are the conditions.  The nighttime schedule meant the air conditioning was on during the hottest part of the day.  Now, it's not.  Foxy was in the house then and is now.  When I leave for work, the air conditioners are turned off.  Not a problem for the old schedule since it was night when I left.  But now, Foxy is in the house during the hottest part of the day.  Not a good thing.  But I found a solution.  As you remember, I bought 3 timers to keep away burglars when I went on vacation.  They didn't keep them away.  One of them is coming in handy now for a far better purpose.  I've connected one of them to the air conditioner in my bedroom, Foxy's favorite place when I'm not home.  It will turn itself on and off at various times of the day, keeping the room cooler till I get home.  At bedtime, it will stay on.  Foxy will be cooler and still have the run of the house.On another note, I'm very upset with a major pet store, PetSmart.  I't's Foxy's favorite place.  But, we won't be going back.  Around the first of the year, I took her there to get her claws clipped.  They asked about her rabies vaccination and it had just gone passed the date by one day.  They refused to serve her.  Today, I took her in knowing she had a valid tag.  But when I couldn't produce the papers, they put a muzzle on her!!!  Now, I wasn't their biggest customer,,,claw clipping, treats, snacks and wild bird seed is all I bought there,  But because of ther muzzle, I'm no longer their customer.  You don't treat Foxy that.  Nobody does.