Suicide Shock in "family"

Just received a call from my daughter, to tell me that her husband’s brother had just committed suicide last night! What A SHOCK…they were just down there in Illinois, visiting and a family reunion three weeks ago and he didn’t act depressed and seemed to have everything together. Well he got his 2nd DUI, while driving without a license, which meant he’d loose his construction job, possibility of facing prison time and his girlfriend left him, after two years together.
I only met him once over 10 yr ago, but feel sorry and bad for all the family members that are affected. My daughter’s taking it hard, I think her spouse is still in shock and asking himself questions. To my 13 yo grandson, Ted was cool and wanted to grow up just like him, so he was a role model he’s now lost forever and is understandably tore up over it. Please prayer for the families, they need all the support they can get during this critical junction in their separate lives. THANKS EVERYONE, GOD BLESS US ALL, so we can live another day to continue his good works through the lives we lead!