Ok John it is done!  Since you died without a Will in the State of Louisiana, the kids automatically inherit your half of everything we owned.  They signed the papers over the weekend and today I gave them to Heather my Attorney.  She will file them in the Courthouse this week.  How I hate everyone being able to see what we have.  But life goes on as they say.  It was hard to read it as before I just gave them to Kristy and had her bring it to Chad to sign and I brought it to Heather.  But today before giving it to my attorney, (Thank God I work with Attorney's)  I decided to read it and boy was it a rough day after.  I know I have accepted that you aren't coming back but this just seems to make it so final.  To see everything that we acquired in our 32 years on a piece of paper seems so meaningless without you here to share it.  The kids are great not fighting over anything and willing to sign it over to me.  Even though I could buy them out if need be, but they will get it all in the end anyway.  How I would love to give it to them now and join you.  But I guess God has other plan's for me.  Yesterday would not be soon enough.   The Marble Headstone is being made right now for you and Joshua, how I dread seeing that up there.  Well I guess I just needed to talk to you and I felt this was the best place to do it.  Love you always, Dra'