stupid rant for the day

 IF cosmetic co's eye creams, moisturizers, line erasers and "DE uglifiers" worked SO well... wouln't we be amazingly beautiful after that very first jar? It amazes me that they can tell the poor over the hill ("after 30") women "studies show" women who used THEIR product... had a 124% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (awesome for us! why would we want to look like we smile-or LAUGH?) AND 94% showed that THOSE big gaping crevices on their faces were LESS... "noticeable." Hooray! We are gonna be okay! Lets here it for being less UG A LEE!
What about the men? Cracks in leathery skin? prob ...they are just fine. Wrinkles on men? Distinguished? Sure why not. We dont see the same percentage of less whatever for them...well its mostly women who get old and gray and wrinkled and ugly as they age. They must think we lose intelligent points as we age. How much better can these super creams get ? 200% better? They want us to throw away their OLD creams - those actually sucked- now THIS product right here... now this will REALLY change your life! New and improved dewrinklage cream - you need this stuff! If you DONT buy buy buy... you wont be doing what your beautiful neighbor is doing because SHE is using this and she is going to be young again  - so can YOU! All you need is the newly discovered pramactinin peptide (newly discovered by DR. Stupidass deep in the Amazon jungle) its discovery is spreading throughout the US making really ugly women into 140% less old, fat and ugly people. C'mon and try it! We offer a money back guarantee... if you dont just absolutely LOVE this and if... you dont look like you are 18 years old again...just bring back the jar, no questions asked, and we will give you your money back! How can you lose? Well I can tell you why most women would never bring back that jar of hope, beauty, sexiness, youth... they might feel stupid for buying it, stupid for trying it, stupid for having faith in it, stupid for paying hard earned money on it, stupid because they KNOW it isnt going to work, stupid for wanting those things in the first place ... stupid because they KNOW they should have bought a clue instead.



Community Leaderbobinmaine

I guess the plastic surgeons knife is the only sure cure. A little more expensive then the creams though....ahhh well