Stunning Hidden Beaches With the Best Villas in Sicily

Many villas in Sicily are located near to the various coastlines of the major island in the Med Sea. The more popular ones, nevertheless , are usually filled to the brim with beach-goers once the peak season arrives.

If you are on the lookout for accommodation at beaches that are easy to access with a car but are remote enough that few visitors know about them, then you will definitely want to check these hidden gems out.

Castellammare De Golfo is seeing an upsurge in tourism thank you to its natural and historical beauty. The beautiful surf, charming Arab-Norman castle and silky smooth fantastic beaches are the main reasons why people are starting to take notice.

There are, however, quite a few villas in Sicily around Castellammare Del Golfo that provide a haven for those seeking some privacy. We all include Castellammare Del Tuno on this list of hidden jewels despite its growing reputation. Enter quick!

Scopello is the quintessential Italian town, which epitomizes a wide range of hidden gems. Rugged coastlines, rolling green hillsides and picturesque cottages make Scopello the perfect getaway for those who simply want to benefit from the sun and search in peace.

It is also located conveniently near Castellammare Del Golfo, and this links the two together in a way that benefits you the most. You can choose to stay in Scopello because of its isolation and then have a short drive to Castellammare Del Golfo for its tourist-friendly amenities. Elaborate not to like?

Typically the pebbled beaches of Letojanni glitter under the daylight, counteract against swathes of amazingly clear waters. The local gelato houses are a surprising but divine treat - cool down in the shade with a creamy dessert available is one of the better ways to wrap upward a day of frolicking on the beach.

The ancient city of Taormina is just six kilometres away if you feel like immersing yourself in some Greco-Roman architecture and historical past. It truly is similar to Scopello in this way, to stay in a peaceful, out-of-the-way village but can certainly access a tourist killer spot if you want to.

Riposto is a commune on the eastern coast of the island and is home to a number of villas. In Sicily, here you'll not only have a beautiful view of the Ionian Sea, but the town also hosts a dock where you can hire out yachts to stand up close and personal with the ocean!

Even better is the fact that it is home to the increasingly popular Bella Napoli Riposto Restaurant. Flawlessly baked pizzas with luscious amounts of cheese and generous toppings served by friendly staff for around five euros apiece - this is certainly a invisible gem for the foodie.