Stressful day

Stressful day.  I was supposed to meet the funeral home director to set up Dad's burial trust today at noon.  My phone at work rang at 10:30 and it was the director of the memory care facility where my dad's living.  She said Dad's blood pressure was 70/40 and he was unresponsive so they called an ambulance.  I met him at the hospital and by then his blood pressure was up.  Tests were all okay and the doc's discontinued his blood pressure meds because they believe that's what caused it.  Got back to work about 1:30 and left at 5:00.  Re-scheduled funeral home appt. for tomorrow at noon, then I also have an appt. at 4:00 at the VA to see if Dad qualifies for any assistance or allowance now that he's in a long term care facility.  Dang, I was hoping to avoid using vacation time for the appointments.  Maybe I can go in earlier tomorrow so I stilll can get my 8 hours in.
Still ran in the pool when I got home. No excuses - need that stress relief today!  Making  fresh veggies and baked cod for dinner.  Had leftover grilled chicken and veggies for lunch.  Passed up the M&M's on the counter at work.  Saturday will be harder because it's the football team family day so it's pot luck.  Hope I can find something healthy to eat there, otherwise I'll just wait until I get home to eat.  I'd make something healthy for the dish to pass, but Juniors were assigned bars or cookies.
Looking foward to vacation next week.  A lot to get ready yet!  Week's flying by!