Stress and Christmas

It has been an emotional couple of weeks.  I am so glad that Tiina is doing so well.  On Wednesay night, I went to my second support group meeting.  It was okay but I will have to wait and see how the next 4 go.  I probably won't know if it is going to help until the end of the 6 weeks.
Today was stressful.  My son Andrew is a writer - graphic novels and scripts etc.  He has had a manager in LA for awhile but, although a lot of producers have been positive about his work, he hasn't made a breakthrough.  Today he spoke with a couple of agents.  I was antsy all day.  I really don't handle stress well at all.  Any little thing can put me over the edge.  By 8 o'clock, he had not called so we called him.  He was waiting for another call but did call back later.  The interview went really well and it looks as though he will have an agent soon. 
So we wait.  On the upside, my granddaughter and SIL have tickets to come here for the Christmas holidays. Our family will be together - Lisa will be with us in spirit.  But it won't be the same without our panicky last minute shopping, her stuffing our Christmas stocking full of socks, our excitement over the menu for Christmas dinner, and her excitement as Cevyn opens her gifts.  Last Christmas is a bit of a blur.  We 'celebrated' at our son's home.  We opened gifts, ate turkey but I felt robotic.  We were still in shock.  I am determined to have the happiest Christmas possible - for Cevyn and for Lisa, because that is what she would want.