Strength of family.

God told me that it would turn out this way,me being back at home where I belong.This is the place & the person I was meant 2 spend my life with.I do not really know why I had 2 go on that journey,but what I gained in knowledge is more valuable than is palpable.Jesus has been with me the whole time,so I have never really ever been alone.Being home is comfortable again,those people in the shelter can stay comfortable where they are,it's not 4 me.If my health had not failed me so rapidly,I'm not sure what could have been,there was alot of work around,I am just no longer capable of performing the tasks I used 2.I guess I'll just cut my losses,which were none,gains in my self far outweigh that.Now it is patience again,I still need alot more education as far as self,but mostly others.I suppose funding will come from somewhere,eventually.We got a car again,now I just need 2 insure & register.That takes so much pressure off as the sheer number of appointments will climb suddenly with pain clinic & neuro lab going 2 call.Self worth is 1 thing I am short on lately,but getting out again will be a big boost.Physically I continue 2 degenerate rapidly,bowel & bladder as well as heart involved,now.Cannot stay out of bed beyond 4 hours,have 2 lie down 4 a couple,this is my existence now until future changes dictate otherwise.Energy level climbing slightly as I am back on the new diet again,veered far off course when I first came home.It seems 2 be the treats that do me in,must be the extra sugar.INR level still jumpy from week 2 week,diet being the factor,I believe.spinelessinalbertaJustKeepSmilin':)JesusSaves! P2