Hello journal......well another day dawns and it is just as mad as the previous day........i decided to have a good laugh at work today and bugger doing anything productive, i just couldnt be arsed, terrible isnt it but they arent the most employee friendly company anyway so stuff friend justin came into see me at work today to show me his injury....he cut the top off his thumb while at work......daft major damage just a small piece of flesh and a big piece of he is now walking about with a huge bandage on his thumb and it was only beginning to hurt when he came into see me....i dread to think what its like now, i will have to give him a call.On the subject of  friends i have a small problem.......the girl i was meeting up with the other week, i hadnt seen her in about 8 years and took a panic attack when she came to the house....well, everytime i think about meeting up with her now i get is very weird, i mean i was best friends with her for years and now its like im afraid to get to know her again......maybe im just embarresed about the whole panic attack thing and my sub concious is putting up barriers to stop me from having one again but it aint helping.......i know i will have to confront it, but it is a huge pain in the arse...why cant things just go smoothly for once???....bloody brainTTFN xxx