I am very anxious about my up coming epidural shot.  I really want it to work.  I think the thought of it not working makes my anxiety worse.  All I can do is count down the days until it gets here.  6 days.
My mother had her teeth pulled today for dentures.  She is 69 & I worry about her and the stress this will put on her body.  When my grandma had her teeth pulled her body went into shock and she got really sick & lost all of her hair.  That would devastate my mom who has hair past her rear end.
I have a head cold that I think might be turning into a sinus infection, so I can't even go see her cause I don't want to get her sick. 
Lots of stress at work with additional duties and too much to do.  Which makes me have to sit more than I should and causes me more pain.
Stress definitely has adverse affects on my body.  Taking Zicam, lots of Vitamin C, drinking plenty of OJ and water.   Which is hard for me because I hate water.  I want this gone before my shot next week.