Stopped breastfeeding

Saturday morning, July 30th, was the last "real" breastfeeding session Ava and I had. I think it's time. I decided yesterday morning, when I woke up after giving her a bottle Saturday night (because I had a few glasses of wine), that my boobs were not as engorged as I thought they would be.  This to me, was a red flag that it was time.  I've been waiting for the right moment.  We've given her bottles to go to bed a few times and not once has she had an issue with this.  So last night, she was as happy as a clam and went to sleep like any other night.  No issues whatsoever.  I stopped pumping at work when she was almost 11 months old.  I think she was just eating more and my supply greatly dropped.  I was wasting my time trying to pump at work because nothing would come out. 
I knew weaning would not be an issue for Ava whatsoever, as much as it would be an issue for me.  I LOVE the bonding time and the closeness I get with Ava.  I never want it to end but I feel deep down, it must or I will regret it.  Ava has always taken bottles of expressed milk since she was born due to latching on issues, then full time during the day starting at 10 weeks when she started daycare.  She has no issues transitioning from the bottle to the boob so I knew when it was time to stop nursing, that she would have no issues and I was right!  I'm a little sad, but her connection just isn't there like it used to be.  The last month, she'll take it when I offer it, but she never asks for it. 
I was going to do this cold turkey but now I'm thinking twice about that lol.  I am in so much pain right now I want to die!  I forgot what it felt like to be this engorged!  So yesterday afternoon is when the pain started.  I let her nurse for like 2 minutes on each side to relieve the pressure, then I gave her a bottle.  She didn't care.  I felt so much better.  But the middle of the night was hell!  It all came back and I slept terribly.  This morning, I felt like my left boob had elephantitis!  It was HUGE, lumpy and rock hard!  I decided to let her nurse for another 2 minutes off of my left boob.  So now it's almost 5:00 Monday and I'm doing okay, engorged definitely, but I know it's going to be worse later. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle tonight, but I might let her nurse or I might hand express just a little depending on how much pain I am in.  I do know that I have to do less and less until eventually, I am dried up.  I did read, however, that it takes longer than you think.  I was thinking 3, 4 days tops.  No.  I think it's going to take a few weeks.  In the meantime, I know Ava is completely content with either a boob or the bottle so that's all I care about.