Stolen and Forgotten-Isolated Mind

Still bleeding.I cover my ears.I try stopping the pain.I wish I was gone.Its too hard to bare.Why me?How can this be real.He got me frozen in timein hell.He made myself die inside myself While he was taking my soul.My body was goneI was sinking in my mindLeft out of my bodyI felt solid,cold-dead.My head was stoneI only felt the old guyplace his hand in under my skirtAnd I was once again in fear.I was not in realityI felt oozy things come outI was shaking,cryingLost in timeI feel dirty,sickWishing I was deadI want to die.He took me wholeIm just a shell nowNothing in me to liveSo why live.I cant cryToo scared of tomorrow.So I stay in solitudeMy world of fearHate,shame and lost.Too lost to feel motivatedIts too muchI want to goBut it wont let go.Its stuck in me for lifeMy diseaseOf all my fear and intense painMy scars inside and outYour voice carries meTo a safer placeWhere I need to beTo let go and feel freeAnd make new memories.