The stitches came out today.  No big deal, but the doctor went over the surgery photos with me.  It was, indeed, worse than he thought.  First, the ragged edge I'd identified as the torn meniscus, was damage to the back of the knee cap from arthritis!  He   scraped it away and made it smooth.  Even worse was that the meniscus was calcified!  I asked him if it was calcified, it meant it didn't tear when I went up the steps that night.  He said it had been torn several years ago due to wear and tear.  That is was like a time bomb waiting to go off and that step just put the knee in a position that started the pain.  The surgery cleaned it all out.  Found out how weak I am.  The doctor gave me a prescription for a handicapped parking permit and directed me to the Department of Motor Vehicles located on the other side of town.  After I left his office, I went to the call center to check on the home agent program, then went to the DMV.  My car doesn't have air conditioning and all the driving was rough due to temperatures in the high 90s.  Got in the long line and waited.  A couple of women offered to save my place in line so I could sit down.  That was great and really helped.  After a 45 minute wait, I was told I was in the wrong place and would have to go downtown to get it!  That would have been a far shorter drive and wait.  So, I go there tomorrow.  I'm going back to work.