Still waiting...but getting even closer

Ok so today is what day 5 after ET.  I feel absolutly nothing!!!! I feel like I usually do.  Does this mean that I am not pregnant????  I have never done IVF before so I don't know what I am suppose to be feeling or when I am suppose to feel it.  The only thing I have noticed is that my breast are bigger but I know that is only from the progesterone and other hormones I am taking.  It was a bad idea to take the week off of work because all I do is sit at home and wonder if it worked or not.  DH won't let me take a HPT....I am going crazy. But I still have faith that I have a baby(s) nestled in for the next 9 months and that GOD would not have lined up everything to get me this far for this not to happen.  Praying and thanking GOD!!
Super Sticky baby dust to alll my wonderful DS friends as well as the many people suffering from infertillity!!!!!!
PS. 35 hours and 22 minutes until my blood test...but who is counting right  lol!! 



They wouldn\'t call it the 2ww if there was any way to tell ahead of time. You just don\'t know until you take the test. Sticky baby dust!