Still tired

I'm still really tired today. I know part of it is from the increase in the Risperdal, but I'm trying to take that slow. I wake up dizzy and have trouble functioning in the morning. I'm scared to walk to work- I don't want to fall on the way there. I have to cross a busy street to get there. But I have to go... I've been missing too many days. I already told my boss that I have to put the job thing on the back burner for now.. I can't be dependable like they need right now. I'm going to be going through this for a while... I still need to up my dose another milligram. it wasn't like this last time... I don't know what's different. I need to go see the doctor, too... the only problem is I don't have money for tests. For all I know, my tiredness is mono or something. Who knows what germs I was exposed to on the train? It's been since I came back from my mom's, so it could be something from the train. Why Geo doesn't have it, I don't know.
Today I was back up in pounds to 216 again.. that's what I get for eating Wendy's. I stayed within my calorie range today, so that's good. Hopefully I will see a loss tomorrow. I know I need to be eating more protein, so I got a protein cereal from the store. When I'm done with the cereal I have now (Raisin bran crunch) I'm going to try that other cereal. I just need to break this plateau.