Still suffering with Shingles (post) 11-1/2 months

In the last month are so I have been suffering with the PHN - I through I had a handle on it but I see I am not I keep getting the pain and the itch - I don't know whaich is worst any more - and my dam pain pills are not working I been taking Tramadol 50 mg - and the doctor told me I can take 2 but I can take one before I get dress for work and then If I take one at work - I can go right to sleep that is no good for my job
I had to take yesterday off I didn't sleep wednesday night - the dam itch and PHN
I had the originial Shingles on my right side of my face boy one day I wish my eye socket and aroung the eye would be find and stop hurting
plus getting up in the morning and trying to fix you hair - where the nerve endings are without going through some pain
have a doctor appt on Monday to talk about the pain hoping she gives me something stronger for the pain
ok be back soon to finish



no I didn\'t get any more pain pills - but the PHN is getting real bad again - I keep calling the doctor and asking for something else - still not getting anything I want and I can cry with this dam pain