still on the right path

Okay -  It's a great day.  Got up this Sunday morning, took T to his math tutor at 9AM, on the way home he told me that he and the tudor set up an after school tutoring session!, I made a big breakfast for him when we got home, he then worked on his English (a tiny bit) then went to his friend's house, as I went off to church.  I was a bit concerned about this weekend because of the phone call I received from the assistant principal telling me that 3 teachers overheard T making plans to do drugs this weekend.  I'm glad they heard it (T denies it.....saying it was mistaken identity) and they reported it because if T had plans - this certainly seemed to have stopped him from any temptation.  He came home early Friday night and got up early for work (landscaping job) and then spent the rest of the day and evening with his girlfriend.  She's a great influence on him.  Her dad is his new boss and a fellow AA member and it was his house (her parents are divorced) that they spent the majority of the day with.  I am glad I can call the assistant principal back - thank him AND I can report that T was more than fine.  **Todd was very agreeable this weekend and so easy to be around.  Later today he went to a friend's house and from there went out to dinner with his friend's family.  Following that his Sunday evening AA meeting.  He also invited a boy he knows who is struggling and sitll using.  I hope that that is a good thing.   I play the second outdoor soccer game today.  I am so looking forward to it! Update:  WE WON 5 - 3 and I scored a fine looking goal!  Husband bought a beer for the goalie on the other team for not taking me out.....(of play, that is).  We play 22 minute quarters on a huge field.  All I can say is I'm glad I'm in shape because the pace is getting faster every year.