Still no snow

Its still been icy and cold - very unusual weather we should have some fluffy snow by now.  Prediction of some but just some coming.
I have  helped decorate Christmas trees for Lions, delivered them, shopped for the Christmas kids for the Lions Club and going to Christmas dinner tonight but truly my heart is not in it.  The loneliness bug has hit, and I just cry instead.  Not awful sobbing but teary - frustrated teary -
I know for sanity, financial sake I need to move from here and get settled so I can go on.  I keep praying to the Lord to  help me but for some reason my prayers go unanswered.  I expect the best in life and with Gods help I will attain it I repeat over and over while praying for some assistance.  IF only I could get a part time job, Roger, it would so help. 
I decided I would go to Cassie's for Christmas dinner but not sure if I truly want to, just feel I should even for me I should. I can leave early... Cassie did not hear if she got put on permanent in  her teaching job but told to report back Jan 3rd. unless they call her otherwise. 
Took Hayley to Naches Christmas program, she misses the school there badly.  And todays paper said Zillah had not met their improvement status so will lose some funding - not good to hear since that is where she is now...sad...  Tyler could so use  your mind, wisdom and talking to him right now....I can not believe God could not see that...SIGH
So Merry Christmas Roger