Still finding today a bit of a struggle.

If any one reads this, sorry that I'm rambling. Thing is, it just makes me feel so much better to get it out into the open. When, just blooming well when will this anxiety go? The thing is, yesterday and the day before, I was fighting fit. I went for three walks -only ten minutes each - but felt really great about everything. At 2AM this morning, I wake up and all hell breaks loose! Firstly, I notice the ectopics. Every five minutes, I'm getting one and of course, your stomach starts to flip and you begin to get anxious. Has the stent failed? No, of course not! Heart rate is fine, no pain, nothing. But I just couldn't fight the panic. And of course, a panic attack mimics the heart attack itself, doesn't it? You get sweaty, your heart seems to be pounding in you head, you can hear every single beat and you're waiting, just waiting for the one that isn't right. Meanwhile, your anxiety levels are saturating to reach incredible levels. 
I went to the doctor. Couldn't wait to get an appt. while I was waiting to be seen, I was pacing gently in order to remain focused on something -anything just to stay upright. I started to get light headed. That'll be the anxiety really laying into me but of course, it could be another heart attack, couldn't it? That's what your emotions are saying but of course, your heads saying no. I have a barrage of tests and amazingly, all the results are spot on. I thought for sure that my BP would be through the roof but it was an incredible 121/72. My pulse was strong and steady and at 78 bpm. This is while I'm almost crawling up the walls. These are fine meds I'm on......
Finally, I have an ECG and it has to be said, it was as fine as it could be -no change there. I'm given some meds to take the edge off of the anxiety and I immediately feel better. Oh, the relief! However, once the tablets start to wear off, I'm back, not quite to square one but I realise that I need something else. Some sort of tool to help me control this anxiety. I've reached out to my friend Kirsty who is NLP and a hypnotist - perhaps she has some skills that I could use. Or maybe a I should go to a psychoanalyst for help. Something has got to help with these issues before I go completely mad. Roll on tomorrow morning -maybe its a glitch and I'll feel better in the ,morning? I hope so. I really don't want another day like this. It's just when you feel like this you can't see yourself getting better. And I need to. It's what I have to do. Don't we all?
You see, I'm convinced that it was constant stress and living on adrenaline that did this to me. I believe that my MI was mainly as a result of stress factors in my life. I don't want adrenaline pumping through when this is what caused this in the first place. I look all over the web for ideas and cures -my iPad is my best friend right now as I scour the pages for information. Is that contributing to the issues? Maybe. I don't know. I just want the tools to fight this.