Still feeling angry

I am still feeling angry, but in a way, am excited about the upcoming court hearing.  Even tho I dont know when that will be:)  I just dont know what he thinks will happen?!  He thinks he is so smart, and that I will back down, because he KNOWS I am a nice person, and dont want to be a trouble maker.  He knows this is my personality, but what he doesnt know is that he is WRONG!  I am those things, but, with him, I have completely turned around and opened my eyes! He will pay, he will fry!  And I cant wait!  I am feeling a little guilty for being so excited about this!  But, hey!  He made his bed, he did this, he is the one who doesnt pay his bills.  I have so much on him, its not funny!  And he thinks the judge is going to just, what shake his hand and say have a nice day?  He has two children to take care of and he cant even take care of himself!! Oh well.   Mom and I are going to look at puters today, and friday.  So, hopefully by this weekend I will be back in operation!