Still exhausted and plugging away anyway

Well, it is monday.  I like Mondays.  I love my job.  And still I am tired.  Got 9 hours of sleep and still tired.  Had a moment of feeling a little better.  Then I worked my morning carpool duty outside.  What is up with the hot weather in November.  It drains me.  I only have 2 classes and and hour sitting under a tree in the shade (mileage running club).  The kids make my life better.  They are so cute.  It could be a long day.  We are supposed to walk to the park for PE today.  Is it a good idea?  Is the black top too hot anyway. If I am this tired, what will I have for dinner?  My husband works.  Fast food is unappealing and unhealthy.  Yet I am too tired to cook.   I saw friends yesterday.  Sat in the shade at the beach.  It was nice to see them.  Am I tired from the day outdoors?  Am I tired no matter what? I spoke with a parent this morning who's husband was diagnosed 6 months ago.  He is more tired than I.  I hope I helped in my encouragement.  This disease is hard for the spouse as well.   When will I feel better?  Will I feel better.  I know it comes and goes.  I know it changes.  I am just so tired I can't imagine feeling well.  I am going to work to stay positive and surrender to God today.  I am sure I can't take on this day without him.  I pray he hears me.  When wi