Still Alive and Struggling How are all of you?

Wow I don't know where to begin.  I have not been on here for a year.  Last journal entry I talked about my new guy.  Well we have been playing house and raising our combined four kidstogethr for just at a year now.  Are we happy?  What day is it? We have love and laughter but we also have stress and hard times.  I guess that is real life, right? I am going thru some personal health issues and job issues right now and I am feeling down.  I actually oversplept church this morning and got online to watch church.  Somethig told ne to check my email which I have not done in a year, honestly.  Some of my friends here popped up and I realized how much I missed you all and how wrong I was to just vanish like I did.  Life got busy and it got hard to get online.  But.... it was wrong of me not to let thoses of you who had loved me and got me through so much, not know what was up or what had happened to me.  I hope yo all forgive me and you know who you are.  I hope to get caught back up with you guys.  I hope I find all of you happy and healthy in this new year.  If you remember me and care to catch up (and forgive me), plese email me or send me a hug!  Kisses to all.  I will write more later.  Chores are calling my name!  Mother of fours work is never done!