State Convention :]

FFA State Convention was the bomb!  Ugh. So kwl man. At the talent show one of the guys was playing a bango. And he rocked at it! :D and then we ate at farleys one time while we were up there and we had the bombest waitress. she was just fucking awesome man. and funny lol and we could eat peanuts outta the shell and throw them on the floor. ;o then i called montes a pedofile cause he was sitting with a bunch of girls in matching shirts and one of us  said he was running a whore house lmao xD ugh. it was awesome. u had to be there. then i cried a little when the officers had to retire their jackets and they installed the new ones for this year. omg i loved all of it. gd, gd, gd, gd memories. plenty of em :3