Starting LDN

Just wanting to keep track of the LDN journey. Started 4.5 mg last night. Slept fine. No side effects of any kind.  My starting point is pretty good. Some numbness in  LH. Balance is ok. Won't wear heels. Walking is fine. Opitc neuritis 15 yrs ago messed up vision in Right eye.  Lost all vision in that eye for a time. It cleared up mostly- 80% or so- Still things are not quite as clear as they should be.
Some mild bladder issues, gets worse in the heat. I've always slept ok. Some vertigo last summer, seems gone now. Legs/ feet numbness time to time, fine right now. No major fatigue.
Funny swallowing sensation due to muscle weakness on the right side of throat. It started about 5 months ago. Maybe more. Seemes slightly worse yesterday.
Just had an MRI 3 weeks ago,  a ccouple new "spots" so I'm curious to see how/if LDN will affects any changes there.



Let the journey begin :)