started excercise regimen

  Started an excercise regimen today. An 8 block square area I'm using as my track. I do 2 laps of it. It includes 2 blocks of flat in which I jog one, walk one, then 2 blocks of steep downhill which is a difficulty in it's own way as you use your quadriceps quite extensively to keep momentum from speeding you up. Then 2 more blocks of flat land which I jog one and walk one and then the doozie. The last 2 blocks are an extremely steep uphill, the kind manual trans cars shift into first to get up. I go up this hill at a very fast walk, just under a jog and my legs just burn with the effort. I'm finally starting to lose the breath just toward the top. If it were another half block I'd have to stop.  Finally at the top I walk around in circles so I don't tighten up and once my breath is back in 3 or 4 minutes I do the second loop
   Fortunately my physical type job has kept me in some semblance of shape but I sure notice the difference between a jog and a brisk walk even thuogh one isn't much faster than the other.  I haven't jogged since my early 20,s and wasn't particularly good at it then. I seems I've always been built for power and speed rather than endurance. All the same I'd like to build myself up to being able to jog a few miles at a decent pace Well see how it goes.



that is great!!!!! you do more than most people can!!!! just keep at it and im sure youll be able to jog a few miles easy.