Start Day

 While going through my anxiety ups and downs I lost A LOT of weight without even trying.  I know, I know...who am I to complain about that?!!  Honestly though, I am 5'7" and I got down to 104 pounds. Now that I am a more relaxed and content person, I have been able to get my weight up to 115 pounds!!:)  My goal is to get up to 125-130 pounds, which is a very healthy weight for my height.  I don't want to just pack on pounds though, I want to pack on pounds and become toned and feel attractive once again! I started this goal because I want to keep myself motivated. I recently bought an IPod and downloaded a bunch of songs and went for a 20 minute jog yesterday, so that was a start!  I am waiting for a pilates and a yoga DVD to come in from Ebay...hoping to get them today, but we'll see.