Stardate...Early June

So I'm still working on the project from Hell!!! I swear the harder I work on this disaster the less work I get done! AHHHHHHHHH! I'm making some progress but man what a bitch this thing has been. I'm hoping to get a workable demo out the door in the next week or two with any luck. I'm seriously taking a vacation after the demo...I'm freakin burnt out!! The one manager is leaving so now there's some new bozo coming next week. It shouldn't affect me but I still have to deal with the fall out. The one goofy developer is going to so now I'm getting stuck with some of his crap but whatever. At this point I just want the project demo done!! I'm on it 7 days a week and it's one step forward then two steps back. I'm sure I'll get it done but now all the sudden it's a big freakin priority! Yep! No one wanted to touch this thing in like 5 years then it gets dumped in my lap and it's a big deal! Plus they kept dumping other junk in my lap too!! I told those jokers that's more shit until this demo is done! Then I have to deal with hooking up the database crap but that will be a whole other song and dance I'm sure! Can't freakin wait! I know...don't complain, at least you have a job!   Considering all the bullshit in the past several years this project is a drop in the bucket! My parents are FINALLY squared away! Thank God!! My dad was able to get early SS, that stupid workmans comp thing only cost $2k and that stupid business will be officially closed in the next month or so...THANK GOD! What a freakin livelong ordeal that mess! TC bought my place and all the big crap is off my freakin plate!!! Mental note: DON'T SIGN ANYTHING THAT COMMITS TO A LONG TERM ANYTHING! The only thing I'll sign is for something short term like a home rental or something and even that I will have an attorney look over before signing! Screw owning anything that I can't dump in a matter of seconds! If I don't own it I'm not freakin responsible for it!! Yep! It's good to have zero responsibility...except for work!! If I didn't have to work I would still do something but I'm getting off track : )    So the Pens are on tonight...woooooooooooo! Game 5 and I'm hoping for a win in stupid Detroit!! I haven't been out in a while. Nobody has been around and quite frankly I'm not even sure where I would want to go. I really have to do one of these goofy Meetup things and maybe check out the Fitness 19 gym. I'm just being socially lazy!! Physically I'm not! My strength is back and I'm probably in the best shape of my life...too bad nobody else is seeing it!! Ha! It would be nice to meet a cool girl but I've never been too lucky in that realm. I think I'm too...I don't know...strange! I hate to say strange because it's not like people don't like me. The sad thing is people who think they are social get mad because everyone else likes me!! HA! It's not that I don't like people I just like my space. It would be great to share some time with someone cool but so far that hasn't happened and like I said...I'm being socially lazy right now! I'll get back into the swing of things once this stupid project demo is off my plate!!   Well it's 7:45 and the games at 8 so I am out of here!!!