Star Wars-The Force Awakens

Saw it twice this weekend on two separate screens, first show to be bombarded by the novelty of seeing so many classic, iconic things returning as well as being introduced to the new "kids", the second to get into the story.  The first showing I watched in conventional Panavision, the second in Digital Cinema XD, both in 3D, and of course I prefer the XD.  The picture resolution was silky-smooth, like real life, and the sound in Dolby Atmos was crystal clear with great spacial delineation.  I'll see it one more time in 70mm IMAX film as director JJ Abrams intended it to be seen, then wait for it to arrive on blu-ray.  I won't divulge any plot spoilers here, but suffice to say, I thought it was a very solid, well-built, well put together, brilliantly directed, intensely acted work of art that really had me believing in the Force!  One thing made me very, very sad, and I won't say what it is, but it had to go down that way I suppose.  I'm glad the movie was made and that it didn't suck, was quite good!  Go see it if you haven't already and may the Force be with you all.