Staples hurt, everything hurts....everybody hurts

I'm 7 days out after surgery (Myomectomy, removal of ovarian cyst, removal of a bit of the bowel due to adhesions).I'm in pain and I'm crying everyday.  Would love some counselling.  Something that would help me to stop crying.  I had a positive surgery as far as surgeries go.  This is my fourth surgery since Jan. 07.  I'm kinda done.  Don't see myself right now having another surgery.  I can't consider life without children, but I can't consider life the way I used to live constant pain, married to a hot water bottle.  Just want to ball up and die!I'm not sure if its hormones, or what, but I feel like someone needs to talk me off this ledge right now.I'm pissed at my husband for not being able to mind-read.  I know this is hard on him too.  He's says the right things all the time.  When it comes to this whole mess, he's clueless and I'm pissed that he is (not his fault tho').I want him to stop being the cheerleader right now and curl up in a blanket next to me, so I can fall asleep and wake up and none of this ever happened.